Tips for Internet Safety

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How to monitor internet activity

The Internet can be a vastly useful tool for learning and communication — but there’s emphasis on the word “vast.” Cyberspace is huge, and getting bigger all the time, if you can believe it. If you think it might be out there, it probably already is, and for a lot of it… let’s just say you don’t want your kids stumbling across it. Here are some helpful tips for Internet safety you can use to ensure both you and your kids have a safe and productive online experience.

Where They Go. Most Internet browsers come equipped with parental controls, so you can basically filter out certain types of sites so that they won’t show up in search engine results (Google’s “SafeSearch” settings are a prime example) and your kids can’t manually type them into the address b

How Cloud is Shaping the Future of Robotics

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Dallas server hosting

You may not have been paying close attention to the robotics industry lately, but there are a lot of interesting things going on among people who make machines fight and pick things up for a living, among other tasks. One of the more intriguing — if highly experimental — segments of robot design right now is a concept called “deep learning.”

Though deep learning is still in its infancy in terms of development, it’s an aspect of robotics that could mean serious change for how we approach everything from daily tasks to complex problems. “Deep learning” refers to the ability for machines to know how to learn, rather than just repeat. This will allow robots to examine problems and make inferences in order to come up with a solution.

This research is at the core of artificial intelligence, basica

Six Common Types of Communication Towers

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Mobile satellite service

Have you ever wondered how your cell phone works? Wireless mobile communication is now a national necessity; it has long surpassed the need for landline phones. All industries use mobile communication devices of some sort, contributing to the 491 satellite telecommunications providers currently located in the United States.

But what is mobile communication? This type of communication involves any type of contact between two parties using satellite connectivity, towers (of which there are many types of communication towers), and mobile devices.

History of telecommunication:
The first and most historically important use for communi