Digital Asset Management How Can it Help Your Company?

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If your company deploys software licenses on it’s various computer systems, having a system to track and manage those licenses is critical. Investing in digital asset management is often the best way to avoid fees and legal fines associated with software ownership.

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management solutions come equipped with various software license management tools to help businesses organize the software deployed on their systems. They allow businesses to view and understand the licenses they hold, which is a useful when negotiating new contracts and see

New Survey Indicates That IT Consultants in Healthcare Industry are Increasingly Likely to Rely on Cloud

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Los angeles cloud solution providers

According to a new study conducted by Frost and Sullivan, about 50% of IT consultants in U.S. and European healthcare companies have moved either some or all of their enterprise communications over to cloud. The survey polled over 150 decision makers in order to determine the extent to which cloud is becoming integrated in the healthcare industry.

Frost and Sullivan analyst Karolina Olszewska said that one of the main reasons that healthcare providers are leaning toward cloud solutions is the benefits of increased productivity that the technology allows them to experience.

“A boost in productivity is the top reason for IT investments in large hospitals, small-to-medium-sized hospitals and ambulatory service centers across the U.S. and Europe,” explained Olzewska in a released sta

How Small Business Web Design Can Yield Big Results

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Remember the good ol’ days of the internet (if there ever was such a thing). In 1994, Microsoft launched its first website, chock full of randomly misplaced graphics, lack of typographic hierarchy, and a rather peculiar, starry background which took attention away from the links. All in all, it was a hot mess. Add dial speed internet, and it’s almost not even fun to think about.

The internet has come long way in a rather short period of time. However, one factor is still abundantly clear, effective web design templates will never go out of style. In fact, professional web design is a down right necessity, especially for small businesses.

It’s important for