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Tips for Finding the Best VoIP Solution for Your Small Business

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Premise based voip systems

Are you considering moving to the cloud? What about for your phone calls? The cloud certainly saves money. Nearly 82% of companies who have switched say so. In terms of IT costs, about 14% of companies report lower IT costs after making the switch. It has been predicted that, by 2018, the total amount spent on cloud computing will exceed $79 billion. So, if you are looking for a cloud hosted VoIP solution, you are not alone.

Tips for the Best Cloud Hosted VoIP Solution:

Give your network a check up. You can control your network. Make sure it is capable of handing the added strain that comes with a VOIP system. This can make a big difference in the quality of your phone calls. Check your switches and make sure you have only one DHCP server/router. Thi

5 Commandments of Social Media Marketing That Every Brand Should Already be Doing

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Marketing firms rochester ny

The internet has drastically changed nearly every aspect of modern day life, from how people date, to how people are entertained, to how people work, and of course, how people make decisions regarding the brands the want to interact with. Sure, marketing firms still have their work cut out for them, but digital marketing and social media marketing are more important than ever due to near constant use of the internet in modern day life.

Thanks to social media marketing, consumers can interact with brands in intimate, direct, and even personal ways that were once never thought possible. Consumers now have near direct access to the brands they love, hate, or are undecided on. When done right, social me

Drones, VR, and 3D Tech are Changing the World

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Industrial computed tomography scanning

There are more industries and companies today that operate with technology that didn’t even exist 100, 50, 20, or even 10 years ago. This makes for a pretty exciting present and, depending on your level of optimism and stress, a pretty terrifying future.

Hopefully we listen to popular culture and we do not let robots and computers take over the world — only to inevitably wipe out the human race because we are “obsolete.”

At least, for now, it seems like the computer revolution is a few years ahead, so we won’t worry about that right now.

Today, however, there are so many great technological advancements that are changing our products, changing our industries, and changing the world.


Drone technology is one of the most significant advancements we can e