Wireless Home Security Systems are the Best Defense against Intruders

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Households have a perennial challenge securing property from intrusion and preventing loss. Most security systems are expensive, and many are subject to external sabotage. To implement the best home security systems, one must not use a professional for installation, and look into how wireless home security systems meet their needs.

Wireless home security systems have evolved a long way since the earliest days. The earliest home security system, patented in 1969 by Albert and Marie Van Britten Brown, involved four peep holes, a sliding camera, and a monitor to watch them all. Since then, security systems have proliferated, but mostly with governments, banks and large corporations. Greater London has a system of 5,000 CCTV cameras, and Chicago pledges a camera for every street corner by 2016.

Today, wireless home security systems enable householders to amass capabilities one could only dream of beforehand. Most work through a series of CCTV cameras placed at ingress and egress points, and at other valuable locations. While they have cords to supply power, they are truly wireless by transmitting data to a DVR. The DVR can record several camera feeds at once, time stamp them, and even augment reality with motion sensing.

Those who use wireless home security systems also like that it is a do it yourself alarm system. Many households do not like reliance on a professional service, and feel they need an active role in wireless home security systems. By implementing wireless home security systems, householders understand the system well, and are able to repair it easily in the event of a problem.

Wireless home security systems are not only easy to implement, but also rewarding as well. By marrying wireless technology with DVRs, wireless home security systems are a great value. By retaining do it yourself home security features, they are a source of pride for households. After all, not only are wireless home security systems easy to troubleshoot, but are the most effective way to safeguard against intruders.