The Basics of Ethernet Cables

Written by Chad on . Posted in Categories of ethernet cable, Charge your phone, Hdmi cables

We live in a very technical age. Wires and cables are a part of every day life for things like our cable and internet, our computers, our phones, and more. You can even buy bulk USB cables if you want to. Whether it’s chargers, HDMI cords, surge protectors, USB cables, or something else, we use at least one cord or cable every day.

While most of them are relatively easy to identify because we use them so often, there are some that might remain a bit of a mystery. For many, these are Ethernet cables. We see them in our homes on a daily basis, but generally don’t touch them. They get installed when our internet is installed and then we leave them alone.

If you’re wondering what all of those colored cords do, read on for a breakdown of the different types and their purposes and performances.

The Purpose of an Ethernet Cord

Ethernet cords are essentially what connects our internet routers to our computers. They create a connection between the two so that your com