What Everyone Should Know About Job Retention In The United States

Written by Chad on . Posted in Hr executive recruiters, Talent acquisition, Top executive recruiting firms

As anyone who works for an executive placement agency, human resources department, or HR executive search firm is likely well aware, the issue of job retention is a prominent one – and not just in some fields, but all throughout the country as we know it. Job retention rates have, as a matter of fact, been very poor indeed. Already by the June of 2015, more than two and a half million people had left their positions on a voluntary basis – and all within the course of that one lone month. This marked an uptick in such things happening by very nearly one fourth in comparison to the same month from the prior year and, in the time that has passed us by since, this is a problem that has only continued to escalate.

Much of this problem has been attributed to workers who are a part of the Millennial generation, as anyone working for just about any given executive placement agency is likely to be all too aware of. After all, Millennials are far more likely to move from job to job as they