Don’t Know what Ethernet Cables You need? These Tips are Here to Help

Written by Chad on . Posted in Cat 5 cable bulk, Coaxial cable, Iphone power lightning cables

With the many options available today, it can be difficult to decide on what type of cable you should use to connect to your computer network. Should you get the bulk Cat5e cable or is a Cat6 cable a better option? These tips are here to make the choice between ethernet cables a little easier.

How Fast do You Need Your Internet

Different ethernet cables, such as the bulk Cat5e cable and Cat6a cables, will allow your internet connection to work at different speeds. To choose the right cable, it’s easiest to determine how much speed matters to your internet habits.

To help you figure this out, you can use a bandwidth calculation tool like the one on BroadBandNow’s website. You can also look at their charts to see how they have broken down the download speed needed for different online activities.

For example, it takes only 1 to 5 Mbps to check your email, but over 200 Mbps to stream 4