Three Tips on How to Do SEO

Written by Chad on . Posted in How to choose an seo company, Local search engine optimization, Search engine optimization basics

Seo tools

The reasons that any business owner would want to know how to do SEO are clear: it increases brand awareness, lead conversions, and drives up revenue. Content marketing for instance, one of many SEO services, leads to an estimated 2,000% increase in blog traffic, according to Marketing Sherpa, and an estimated 40% increase in revenue.

Even just knowing how to do SEO basics will provide businesses with more online traffic and better visibility on the typical search engine. This is because SEO boosts a site’s search engine rank organically, which an estimated 79% of users say they will always click on rather than paid results or ads.

The real question though isn’t why people do SEO, but how to do SEO. So, here