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What Human Resources Can Do to Minimize Turnover

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Human resources executive recruiters

Employee turnover can put real stress on a company’s finances. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a poor hiring decision can cost the same as 30% of the potential earnings from your first year. What can human resources do to minimize bad hires, and thus minimize losses? Here are a few tried and true tips when it comes to talent acquisition.

  1. Offer a structured on-boarding program.
    Studies show that new hires who go through a structured on-board training program are 58% more likely to still be with the same company after three years. If you give your workers the skills they need with resources to help them along, they’ll be less likely to experience frustration or alienation early on in

The Increasing Opportunities Within the Internet Technology Fields

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The internet has quickly become an important part of our everyday lives. We wake up, check out newsfeeds and our E-mails via our phones and tablets, we arrive at work and login to our internet based work channels and we unwind for the day by browsing social media or watching web based programs. We probably even use the internet throughout the day by looking for reviews of lunch and dinner places, searching for dinner recipes and even looking at movie and entertainment options and show times for the weekend. The opportunities really are endless, and the importance of the internet to our daily lives will only increase over the years. Besides the obvious benefit of convenience, the internet and advancements to technology increases job needs and has opened up many job positions throughout the scientific and roboti