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Why PCI Compliance Should be an Important Factor When Purchasing a New POS System

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Purchasing point of sale equipment for your business is a big step. Retail POS systems can help you replenish items easily, negotiate lower vendor prices, and check the availability of items quickly and efficiently. They also allow you to handle multiple tender transactions and print detailed sales reports by receipt number, register and batch.

But even the best POS hardware may leave you open to attack, especially as cyber criminals double down their efforts to steal customer information before retailers switch over to EMV systems.

This means that when you purchase new POS hardware, it’s more important than ever to choose a system that’s as secure as possible. One way to do this is to

Three Reasons to Hire a Web Consulting Team

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When it comes to advertising these days, if you aren’t doing it online you’re pretty much doing it wrong. The internet has changed the advertising game in a big way, and if you’re not taking advantage of it you’re definitely falling behind your competitors. The thing is, internet marketing is tough, especially for small businesses. It takes time and it takes know-how. Every good internet marketing strategy starts with one thing: a website. Here are three reasons to hire website consulting services.

1. Design
The most important thing about a small business’s website is that it’s well-designed. People are so used to surfing the web that they will be able to spot a poorly designed site in a second and click away to a better, more user friendly one. Having a good design team to make sure

Spokane Artist Opens New Show in Coeur d’Alene

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Research shows that the average tablet user spends around 13.9 hours each week surfing the web and using their device. While this level of online is quickly becoming the norm, it is widely agreed that overusing technology can be bad for your health and relationship. Fortunately, if you can make a trip to Coeur d’Alene, ID, the opening of the Art Spirit Gallery’s newest show might be the perfect opportunity to connect with friends and family offline.

Harold Balazs’ exhibition, “Old and New”, will be opening at the Art Spirit Gallery on Friday, January 9 at 5:00 pm. A prolific sculptor and artist, Balazs has been a popular figure in the Northwestern art world since the 1950s, when he was first commissioned to create a mural for the Ridpath Hotel. Today, Balazs’ sculptures can be found