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5 Things You Should Expect From a Great Printing Company

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Even in a digital world, print marketing is far from dead — in fact, more than three-fourths of small businesses say they’d prefer to incorporate both online and print elements in their marketing campaigns. Whether your business is a storefront that needs aisle signs or a primarily online business that wants to open up new markets with direct mailings, it’s likely you’ll need to work with a professional printing company at some point in time. But with so many printing options available, how can you know what company will most benefit your business in the long run? Here are five suggestions of what to look for when choosing a new printing company:

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Proposal Management Software Making RFPs O’AK

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Contracting is an inherently risky business. After all, the business involves intense competition in order to get a job. Contractors unsuccessful in winning a bid are often out-of-luck and unable to do anything. Contractors that bid on Requests For Proposal (RFP) can face stiff rivalry from other contractors. Especially for RFPs that involve million-dollar projects, coming up on top for a bid is an accomplishment in itself.

Contractors are always on the lookout for the next great advantage to give their companies a competitive edge. One such advantage many contractors employ is proposal management software. Proposal management software (also known as proposal creation software,

Digital Data Security A Few Things You Should Know

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File transfer services is one of the most important features of the Internet. Whether it is sending a simple email or sharing a 20 gigabyte file, file transfers are what make the Internet tick. There are a variety of data delivery methods available such as FTP, SFTP, PGP, etc. However, all of these data delivery services have at least one thing in common: they use encryption services in one way or another. Encryption, above all else, is what protects the Internet and its contents from serious harm.

Encryption, in principle, is simple. Encryption is the process of translating readable data, known as “plaintext,” into unreadable data, known as “ciphertext,” in order to protect its conte