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Prototype PCB Manufacturing and You — Why 2016 is One of the Best Years Ever to Get Involved, and Stay Involved

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Printed circuit board prototype

Prototype PCB manufacturing, sometimes known as circuit board prototyping, is a manufacturing process wherein new, sometimes even custom designs for circuit boards are utilized in an attempt to increase efficiency for the given pieces of equipment. Printed circuit board prototypes can be a little more costly than your typical, retroactive mass-manufactured ones can be, but the difference in quality and performance is well worth it.

A prototype circuit board is typically designed using some kind of unconventional construction method which sees units built with more care and attention to

The Basics of Flexible PCBs

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Flex pcb suppliers

What exactly are flexible printed circuit boards anyway, and what are they used for?

Flexible PCBs, as they’re often called, are important because they can provide circuitry options with enough flexibility to fit any shape or design needed. Flexible PCBs are sometimes considered hybrids between conventional printed circuit boards and round wire circuitry, although in reality, flex PCBs can be customized quite a bit. These circuit boards allow for placement within virtually any geometric pattern without jeopardizing the security,

Cell Phone Repair Is Affordable

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Ipad screen repair ri

OMG, I dropped my cell phone! In today?s busy American society, this can mean the end of a productive day. Or at the very least, missed text messages! Approximately two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, and almost 20% rely on their smartphone for connecting to the internet. For some, it is their main method of getting online. And for 97% of smartphone users, the most frequent use of their phone is for text messaging. How often do you check your phone? How do you feel when you can’t do that? Almost 40% of Americans admit to checking their phone at least every 30 minutes, if not more often. So a broken phone is a big deal.

A recent survey reports that most broken iPhones were broken within the first 10 weeks after purchase. The most common way to break a cell phone is by dropping it on a hard surface,