Cell Phone Repair Is Affordable

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OMG, I dropped my cell phone! In today?s busy American society, this can mean the end of a productive day. Or at the very least, missed text messages! Approximately two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, and almost 20% rely on their smartphone for connecting to the internet. For some, it is their main method of getting online. And for 97% of smartphone users, the most frequent use of their phone is for text messaging. How often do you check your phone? How do you feel when you can’t do that? Almost 40% of Americans admit to checking their phone at least every 30 minutes, if not more often. So a broken phone is a big deal.

A recent survey reports that most broken iPhones were broken within the first 10 weeks after purchase. The most common way to break a cell phone is by dropping it on a hard surface, and the second most common way is by dropping it into water, such as a toilet or the bathtub. Cell phone repair is likely going to be an expected expense when you purchase a fancy phone. Besides replacing cracked glass, cell phone repair can include fixing things like no video display, error messages, sound failure, and charging issues. And it’s not just for phones; ipad screen repair and other ipad or tablet issues are also fixable.

Many people believe that it will be very expensive to get a cell phone repair done, or that they will have to go days without their phone. But don’t buy a new phone before stopping in at a cell phone repair shop and getting a quote on how much it will cost to fix your phone or tablet. It may not be as pricey as you thought.

Don’t panic. Cell phone repair doesn?t have to be expensive or time consuming, and iphone screen repair is sometimes covered in your iphone repair insurance. Not everyone has an iphone or an insurance plan, but never fear, smartphone repair is easily found. So don?t worry when your cell phone or tablet breaks! Find a local company that provides cell phone repair and bring your broken gadget in. You?ll soon be back to accessing the internet, mapping routes, and sending text messages.

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