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Digital Marketing Can Make (or Break) Your Business

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Digital marketing has evolved since inception during the 1990s when the Internet and Internet usage were still in their beginning stages. As the Internet has continued to advance in terms of complexity and usage, so have digital marketing techniques. What has once as simple as a banner ad on a website has become a virtual toolbox of tactics that can benefit (or sink) a small business.

The concept of digital marketing is a simple one: reach and capture the attention of Internet users, which can create leads that a business can follow up on. The effectiveness of digital marketing can be referenced in web traffic (how many users find their way to your website), leads through sign-up options on a business’s website (which can be much more effective than standard offline cold leads), and online we

Three Benefits of Open Source Web Design

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When evaluating options for your e-commerce website, it’s important to consider the following options: adaptability, flexibility, and performance. Many web design platforms are standard in terms of how they operate for every client. Furthermore, the developers for that web design platform may work on a project and then discard it, only to return to it years later for a new release.

Open source software is software where the original source code is freely available. Some examples of open source projects include Linux, WordPress, and one of the leading available searching engines in Mozilla Firefox.

Open source software has the added benefit of drawing on the entire community of coders. When one coder wants to make a change, it can be implemented in the original source code. This process leads