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Does Your Company Need Customized Storage Tanks?

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Wastewater management

The large horizontal planters outside of the restaurants along The Pearl in San Antonio, Texas, reminded you of the days that you used to spend on your grandfather’s farm. During those summers, you and your sister found the idea of getting water from a custom made tanks rather inviting. Although you rarely drank from those tanks, you were more than happy to go fill up a jug or bucket when ever your grandfather needed it. From watering the garden to watering the livestock to filling a five gallon bucket for some other task, getting water on the farm could mean something entirely different from getting water in the city.
Your fascination with water, you think, is what has head you to a career that involves

Is Your Business Lacking in the Social Media World?

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Facebook marketing

Companies are using social media as a way to keep their customers informed. A major aspect of any digital marketing strategy is creating social media pages. It’s understandable to feel baffled at the importance of social media. Creating these websites on your own takes time. It’s best to have a web development company manage these pages for you. In this post, you will learn why social media is beneficial for a company.

  1. Increases Brand Awareness

    Social media no longer a buzzword that only a few people know about. You probably have a social media website where you stay connected to friends and family. Data collected from t

Are You Having Connectivity Challenges?

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Computer network maintenance

Getting more seats at the table is the goal.
After your team finished the data storage center tour, the group of 15 high school girls joined in the conference room for lunch and a question and answer session. And while you thought that you may not have done a clear enough job explaining the purpose of your company’s mission. The question about how to get more seats at the table was an indicator, though, that at least one of the high school visitors understood what you had explained. In your talk about customers, you explained that basically your data storage center is basically like a big table and that the customers by purchasing your services they are buying a seat at your table. When the question about getting more seats was asked, you had an immediate answer. The way to get more seats at