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Advantages of Decorative Stainless Steel Mesh

Written by Chad on . Posted in Architectural mesh panel, Architectural wire mesh panel, Decorative mesh screen

Today, the use of decorative stainless steel mesh as a way of ornamenting large venues has grown in popularity to an extent that large structures such as exhibition halls, gymnasiums and shopping malls have incorporated this design strategy using a decorative mesh. One of the reason why decorative stainless steel mesh is becoming popular can be attributed to the processing strategy that gives this kind of decorative steel mesh is the processing technology used. The most common processing methods for a decorative stainless steel mesh include; weaving, crimping and knitting among other special designs. In the past, decorative stainless steel mesh was used to separate office spaces, restaurant tables and even stairs to give the entire place a mysterious look. A great way to enhance the look by painting the surface of the mesh using different colors such as bronze or gold. In the event that there are changeable colors, refraction of light through the decorative mesh screens creates a