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The Reason CatCables Are Becoming Popular

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What Are Cat Cables?
Cat cables, at their most basic function allow us to connect our electronic devices (I.e, phones, tablets, gaming devices) to a router, the color-coded ethernet cables assist with connecting various devices to a local computer’s network. However, on a larger scale cat cables ability are utilized tremendously to connect us as universally. In 1988, the first fiber optic cable was used to connect the United State to both France and Britain, the first feat of its kind on such a massive scale.

Types of Ethernet Cables
The categories of Ethernet cable are denoted by their speeds for the most optimal network experience. There are three main types of ethernet cables used: Cat5 cables, Cat5e cables, and Cat6 cables that come in solid or stranded form.

Why You Should Buy….
Why you should buy Cat5 cables: Cat5 cables, or a category 5 ethernet cable is one of the older models on the market. Its original intent was to support speeds up to 10 and 100 megabits per second but

When Printed Circuit Boards Are Built

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Most Americans are quite aware that computers are a fact of life, and that these machines can be found everywhere. Not only are desktop PCs and laptops good examples of computers, but also mobile phones, tablets, and even the components in cars all involve, or are, computers. Not everyone actually knows what goes inside those machines, but experts may be familiar with PCBs, or printed circuit boards. These PCBs are critical for any computer’s operation, and modern computing would not be possible without them. Computing has come a long way since the days of vacuum tubes and ENIAC. Now, computers boast ever-faster processing speeds and capabilities, and they need printed circuit boards to make that possible.

In fact, PCB manufacturing is so important and specialized, this PCB manufacturing is done separately from the overall manufacture of a computer. Dedicated factories and workshops are devoted to PCB manufacturing, and a Continue Reading No Comments

Four Benefits Of Cloud Based Phone Systems For Small Businesses

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Though the world continues to become more technology driven and business is increasingly conducted online, phones still play an important role in everyday business. When it comes to sales, phone calls are still an important lifeline, helping to account for about $1 trillion in consumer spending.

As companies continue to conduct more business online and communicate more through cloud-based computing, going to a cloud-based phone system or a hybrid phone system is the sensible thing to do, even for small businesses. For many businesses, big and small, cloud based phone systems have come en vogue.
Just what is a cloud based phone system? As the name implies, it’s a phone service hosted by a cloud service, which means no phone lines and that your calling data is stored on a secured server. It works well for small businesses because it eliminates the need for wiring, phone bills and even answering machine tape since everything is stored digitally.

For small businesses, a cloud bas