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Four Benefits Of Cloud Based Phone Systems For Small Businesses

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Though the world continues to become more technology driven and business is increasingly conducted online, phones still play an important role in everyday business. When it comes to sales, phone calls are still an important lifeline, helping to account for about $1 trillion in consumer spending.

As companies continue to conduct more business online and communicate more through cloud-based computing, going to a cloud-based phone system or a hybrid phone system is the sensible thing to do, even for small businesses. For many businesses, big and small, cloud based phone systems have come en vogue.
Just what is a cloud based phone system? As the name implies, it’s a phone service hosted by a cloud service, which means no phone lines and that your calling data is stored on a secured server. It works well for small businesses because it eliminates the need for wiring, phone bills and even answering machine tape since everything is stored digitally.

For small businesses, a cloud bas

How and Why to Perform Asset Management

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Any modern American business will have a lot of assets, some tangible and some not, to keep track of. This is best done with the proper asset management tracking tools, and these asset management tracking tools may be used for laboratory equipment, system software updates, metrology software, vehicles, printers, and more. A laboratory information management system, such as in a pharmaceutical lab, is critical for keeping that lab running smoothly, and a calibration management system may also be done to keep all work computers in sync with each other and running properly. Who is responsible for all these asset management tracking tools and their use? Some in-house professionals may be able to handle it, and in other cases, an association management company may lend its expertise for this, or even IT professionals. Either way, only qualified experts should handle asset management tracking tools to get the best possible job do