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Are Your Old Electronics Piling Up? Don’t Toss Them Out Recycle Them!

Written by Chad on . Posted in Computer disposal san jose, Computer recycling san jose, E waste san jose

Technology is everywhere. Our televisions, computers, and phones are things that many people couldn’t envision themselves living without; at least not comfortably. However, when it comes time to upgrade, do you know the proper way to dispose of electronics?

The Importance of Electronics Disposal

Electronic recycling is important, more important than many people realize. While we’d like to think that by tossing our old computers in the trash we’re not doing any real harm, computer disposal, if not done correctly, can introduce harmful toxins into the environment. A couple of the most significant reasons why you should take electronics disposal seriously include:

  • As touched on above, many electronics have toxic substances in them that can pollute the environment. These can include mercury, lead, chromium, beryllium, and cadmium. When introduced into a landfill, these substances can contaminate the air, soil, and groundwater in the area.
  • Old elect