Are Your Old Electronics Piling Up? Don’t Toss Them Out Recycle Them!

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Technology is everywhere. Our televisions, computers, and phones are things that many people couldn’t envision themselves living without; at least not comfortably. However, when it comes time to upgrade, do you know the proper way to dispose of electronics?

The Importance of Electronics Disposal

Electronic recycling is important, more important than many people realize. While we’d like to think that by tossing our old computers in the trash we’re not doing any real harm, computer disposal, if not done correctly, can introduce harmful toxins into the environment. A couple of the most significant reasons why you should take electronics disposal seriously include:

  • As touched on above, many electronics have toxic substances in them that can pollute the environment. These can include mercury, lead, chromium, beryllium, and cadmium. When introduced into a landfill, these substances can contaminate the air, soil, and groundwater in the area.
  • Old electronics also contain components that can be either refurbished or broken down for raw material. This helps save energy overall and keep large amounts of new raw materials from being needed to create new electronics.
  • Phone or computer recycling, in particular, can not only help prevent these items from polluting landfills, but they can actually be used to help those who are less fortunate. Old refurbished electronics can be sold for reasonable prices that are more affordable to a wider range of people. This helps those who can’t afford brand new devices still have access to the computers and phones that they need.
  • Lastly, proper electronics recycling helps save raw materials, some of which may not be easily renewable. As a result, resources can be saved, energy can be saved during production, pollution can be reduced, and fewer emissions may be released during manufacturing.

If you have old electronics, don’t simply toss them in the trash. Consider recycling them, either to a company that will reuse the parts or to a company that works to refurbish them for other individuals. This is just one example of how a seemingly small action can have a larger impact on the environment around us. When you engage in proper electronics disposal, you’re not only working to go green, but you can also be helping someone else who is down on their luck and needs a less expensive option for work or school.

Look for recycling companies near you and speak with them today about how you can best dispose of your unwanted old electronic devices.

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