5 Things To Look for in a Great Cloud Services Broker

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Picking out which cloud computing services to use can be incredibly tricky and time-consuming, especially for anyone who isn’t really familiar with the industry of cloud computing. Since picking out services can be so hard, shouldn’t it be easier to pick out cloud broker services that will help you with the process?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you start looking around for a cloud services broker to help you and your business with the complicated (but ultimately beneficial) process of moving to the cloud:

  • If you already use cloud computing software — regardless of whether it’s public or private — you’ll want to look for a broker that can help you move your data quickly and securely into new programs or a broker who already uses some of those programs and will allow you to keep your data stored there.

  • If you’ve never used the cloud before, look for a broker who will go over the basics with you — private vs. public cloud services, for example, and will help you understand how to manage this services safely.

  • Regardless of how much your business may or may not have used cloud-based programs before, make sure you find a broker who will help you pick out which services will benefit your business the most. There are simply too many cloud services for any rational business owner to search through and understand while also managing the business itself; one of the main advantages of a cloud broker service is that you’ll be given a variety of options to choose from, and an explanation of why each service would be good for you.

  • If security is an important concern for you, make sure to look for a broker who also provides cloud assessment services. Not every broker will provide extra security features, but many will monitor the services and alert you if something looks fishy.

  • Most importantly, look for a broker service that can grow as your business grows; whether this means flexible pricing, or maybe just an awesome variety of services, it’s important to find a brokerage that wants to see your business grow!

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