A Look At The Importance Of Improving The Employee Experience

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As anyone at an HR startup knows, the importance of human resources departments is unlimited. Start up HR employees are often trained to provide the best human resource service possible, something that is critical for many aspects of the working world. It is even critical, as many start up HR employees will attest, to the overall happiness of the individual person working in the United States as well, no matter what area of the workforce they might be employed in.

And role of the start up HR has become even more important – more important than ever, for that matter – over the course of recent years. After all, the data that has been gathered on the subject unfortunately shows that more now than ever, employees are leaving their jobs. As a matter of fact, there were more than two and a half million people who left their jobs in the June of 2015 alone, a number that was up to 25% higher than numbers seen in the year past. And in the years that are ahead of us, this number is almost certainly going to grow with time. In addition to this, Millennial workers have earned the name of the “job hopping generation,” with as many as 60% of all Millennials who are currently in the workforce having stated that they would willingly take a new job if it was a better one than their current one.

But as many an start up HR employee can attest to, this is typically not the fault of the average employee. Unfortunately, far too many a workplace is now less than ideal to work in, thanks to a wide array of factors. For one thing, only around one fifth of all current employees actually feel as if their superiors are supportive of them in any meaningful way. Unfortunately, this leaves the vast majority of all employees found all throughout the United States feeling that they are not being challenged to do their best possible work. For a great many people, this leaves much to be desired about the climate of their working life.

However, just because this is the norm does not mean that it is not a fixable problem – as a matter of fact, the opposite is often true. For instance, putting some type of an employee recognition program into place can most certainly go a long way indeed towards fostering better relationships with employees – and improving their overall performance too, for that matter. As an start up HR and human resources professionals and even outplacement services professionals can attest to, improving overall employee happiness is likely to improve things like productivity and the quality of work produced as well. And fortunately, more than 85% of all workplaces that have put such recognition programs into place have seen a considerable uptick in employee happiness.

And while employee recognition programs are great, as any start up HR program can attest to, it is also important to note that simply the way that the office is staffed and structured can also most certainly play a critical role. For instance, including more diversity within just about any working space can have a tremendous impact on the overall happiness and productivity of employees working there. Even just including more gender diversity throughout the office can actually bump up the quality of work and overall office output by as much as a full 15%, and ethnic diversity can even do this by as much as a full 35%, which is no small amount by any means or any standards, as one can quite clearly see.

Ultimately, the issue of employee retention is a hugely multi faceted one. Fortunately, there are many steps that can be taken to rectify this problem, and even the smallest of changes can make an impact at the end of the day. First, of course, is the task of identifying where the problem is actually originating from, as this can play a significant role in the actions that follow behind it. Fortunately, the work of the average start up HR has made dealing with such concerns and problems easier than ever.

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