Atlassian Fisheye Equals Teamwork

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As with all businesses, you want your company?s technology to run fast, efficient, and at the most cost-effective bottom line for your company?s financial investment. Atlassian software offers many ways for a company to integrate their IT to run smoother behind the scenes; for teams to be on one platform or multiple platforms at the same time without slowing the system down. Atlassian Fisheye is an advanced browsing and search engine for enterprise teams but also by other companies or nonprofit institutions. Their agile software development brings a company?s technology to its highest form and runs seamlessly behind the scenes making Atlassian fisheye and their other Agile integration software the top choice.

When businesses are looking to outperform their competition, run code faster, and make customer satisfaction a priority, Agile software helps them meet and maintain these priorities. When companies need to jumpstart their activity this can be accomplished through Git repository management servers that can manage multiple Git repositories at once. These Git repositories are places where different versions of projects are hosted on the internet, which would be Atlassian Fisheye. Teams can work on these projects, adding and deleting data, and sharing work as needed. Git is used in conjunction with many different Atlassian software programs. Ways in which Agile software meets these high standards are with Atlassian project management tool integration from the beginning startup company to large enterprises.

    JIRA software – plan, track, and release – ship with confidence knowing the information you have is current. Unique reports and workflows can be created for the way your teams work, or you can use an already created workflow.
  • JIRA Service Desk – customer ease and satisfaction when they need support and the easiest and fastest way for agents to resolve customer questions or issues.
  • Confluence – an area to collaborate and chat. A place to get tasks completed, organize work, and collaborate with others in one place.
  • Trello – these boards allow teams to collaborate, organize, and simultaneously work on projects in flexible and visually appealing ways.
  • StatusPage – when incidents happen, inform them via StatusPage versus multiple and overwhelming emails. Having all incidents in one place makes communication easier and more effective.
  • HipChat – A fun, innovative way to share ideas and files among team members. Stay connected via HipChat in group chat rooms and video chats without having to change platforms.

Atlassian software can easily integrate with existing tools used within your company. This Agile software and Atlassian fisheye allow teams to work together behind the scenes without affecting what customers see from the front. Your team needs to have a fast-moving, efficient IT that allows success but also easy for employees to use and navigate for quick completion of projects. When surveyed, 44% of employees stated ?cost savings? as an important reason to adopt Agile methods. High-performing businesses are twice as likely to tie IT projects to revenue so finding the best way to run IT at its highest, yet cost-effective performance, is of utmost importance. In another survey, 70% of people reported that Agile projects take less time to complete thereby making them efficient in a company?s IT needs. When looking for cost effective, efficient, and high performing software for peak team performance, look into Agile software for your company.

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