Block Corporate Web Addresses with an Anonymizer

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Corporate privacy

Has something happened recently when your company’s information was compromised? If not, that time might become very real, particularly with the prevalence of the web and of the many ways people and companies can grab your information. Fortunately, the simple addition of an anonymizer can change all of this. With this simple tool, everything your corporate enterprise visits is blocked from anyone and everyone.

Use an anonymizer to block any and all web addresses that your company uses from people and enterprises outside your company. Also use an anonymizer to keep your own online footprint safe and secure. By blocking everything you and your employees visit on any company-owned computer or device, effectively blanketing an entire corporate enterprise online, no one but you and perhaps your company’s IT head will have any knowledge of the footprint you are leaving.

With an anonymizer, your corporate web address is essentially scrambled. Think of those cable boxes back in the 1980s and 1990s that would scramble up cable channels to get you them. Only here, it is perfectly safe and perfectly legal. In fact, it should be standard procedure for all corporate enterprises to protect themselves from theft. Just think how you could be compromised should a competitor get wind of certain sites you visit or companies you are doing business with. It could do significant damage to your company.

How many business associates do you know who have had their information stolen? It only takes one to drive home the need for a tool like an anonymizer. The devastation caused by grabbing personal or proprietary information is far reaching. It could crumble many a company, so arming yourself with tools to block harmful web sites and keep your company’s info safe is vital. Blend yourself into the background, and show as little a footprint as you possibly can.

With an anonymizer, you essentially become anonymous to the world. Everyone at this point knows that there are various ways to grab your corporate and even personal information just by going behind the scenes of your web footprint. By being anonymous, nothing but the good stuff is allowed in, meaning you get no junk advertising or potential harm. So your level of protection with an anonymizer is far more significant than it would be under normal circumstances. So consider this a simple way to add much more safety to your online footprint and company information.

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