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The 21st century is one dominated by advanced electronics, so much so that today’s world is often called a “wired world.” PCs and laptops, game consoles, HDTVs, DVD players, smart phones and tablets, and more are used every day for work and leisure alike, and they often need cables to operate. Wireless technology is useful for mobile devices such as laptops and smart phones, to be sure, but cables are far from obsolete. For devices intended to stay in one place, for example, a 100 ft HDMI cable, cat5 crossover cables, bulk USB cables, and bulk fiber optic cables can do a lot of good. Trying to use too many wireless devices at once can result in interference and bad signals, but cables such as cat5 crossover cables and cat6 cables allow for secure and smooth connections. Where might such cables be found, such as cat5 crossover cables, and what can they do?

Cables for Use in the Office

Even the smaller businesses and offices in the United States today make use of computers

Spruce up Your Home Network with Bulk Plenum Zipcord Fiber Optic Cables

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Cat6 ethernet cables

One of the things that have inevitably become a part of our lives in this modern day and age with the steady progress of technology over the last few decades is the internet. Internet connectivity is now a necessity and no longer an optional luxury, and many people would likely find it difficult to function during their day to day lives if there was no internet connectivity. In a connected world, people have now started to depend heavily on the Internet for their daily requirement of information, and even important purchasing decisions are now made on the Internet. At home, being able to channel your Internet connections to different areas and to use it on different devices is as important as maintaining interconnectivity between those devices for easier sharing of files and media and the streaming of con