Did You Know There’s A Better Marketing Technique Than Social Media?

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Ppc advertising management

Online advertising has undergone a massive surge thanks to recent advances in digital and Internet-based technology around the world. No business would dare try to get anywhere without it! When it comes to the right marketing campaign, PPC and SEO have been found to be the most consistent in terms of encouraging web traffic and drawing new eyes to your brand. If you’ve been considering a new marketing technique to give your business a boost, look no further than a PPC company!

Did You Know?

A whopping 85% of retailers said that search marketing (including SEO, short for ‘search engine optimization’) was the most effective customer acquisition tactic they’ve ever used. Over 90% of online experiences begin with a popular search engine, in which Google owns around 65% of in the U.S. search engine market share. When the average U.S. adult spends at least 11 hours per day on digital and social media, you’d be remiss to pass this opportunity up!

Where Do I Benefit?

It’s been found that PPC (‘pay per click’) advertising can yield a return of a whopping 300% or more! Search engines are the top driver of traffic to content sites, beating out social media and leading the pack in terms of clicks and web traffic. Adapting your website to mobile is a necessary addition, as well, as mobile phones and tablets lead half of all PPC advertising in 2015. It’s even been found through recent surveys that at least 60% of customers will visit a store after seeing a local search engine online or through their phone.

How Do I Start?

Contacting your local PPC company and giving them your goals and business figures is the first step toward garnering the views and visits you need to thrive. They will teach your small business or company on how to make adwords work for you and will help with tricky technological solutions such as mobile adaption, search engine articles and impression ads. They’re no slouch when it comes to timing, either, as taking the initiative on holiday seasons and special events can garner impressive revenue boosts. What are you waiting for? Call a PPC advertising agency and get your business on the map today!

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