Ethernet Crossover Cable Vs Ethernet Cable What’s The Difference For A Casual Computer Owner?

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You’re more than a little familiar with cables. Whether you’re a Twitch streamer or a remote worker, you know your way around an electronics set-up.

That said…you could also use a little refreshing on terms, because technology moves at the speed of light. What’s the difference between an Ethernet crossover cable vs Ethernet cable? Are all cell phone chargers universal? Should you even bother with a new CAT cable when setting up a new entertainment space? When the subtleties of the digital space start eluding you, take a moment to breathe and review.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Here are some lesser-known facts about today’s most efficient electronics to set your head straight.

Resolving The Ethernet Crossover Cable VS Ethernet Cable

Just what is the difference between the Ethernet crossover cable vs Ethernet cable, anyway? It depends on how complex your set-up is. If you need to connect several Internet devices together, an Ethernet crossover cable can be useful for reducing clutter. If you’re someone who only goes on rarely, however, a regular Ethernet cable is more than enough for the job. Less really is more, even in the world of electronics.

Figuring Out The Best Way To Use Cell Phone Chargers

Even your cell phone charger isn’t above improvement. When your phone keeps dying on you and you can’t explain why, it might be time to purchase a new addition to your set-up. According to today’s experts, it’s best to wait until your battery is at a 40% charge before plugging it in. Waiting until you’re at 0% puts unnecessary strain on your battery and depletes it faster. Not only will this waste your time, it’ll waste your money when you’re buying an upgrade prematurely.

The Best CAT Cable To Boost Your Set-Up Doesn’t Have To Be The Newest

What else can you pair alongside your usual HDMI and USB cables? See how your Internet connection is working with a better CAT cable. Today’s CAT5e cables are a strong addition, providing a solid 1Gb per second speed at 100MH. If you’re feeling a little fancy, consider taking things up a notch and investing in CAT6 cables. These provide the highest speeds and frequencies of the current CAT line-up, great for hobbyists and freelancers alike.

Apple Products Are Still The Go-To Choice For Most Americans

There are so many competing brands in electronics it’s enough to make anyone dizzy. Sony, Samsung, HP…the list never seems to end! As it stands, Apple still reigns supreme for the average American. According to recent studies, the Apple iPhone 7 accounted for nearly 10% of all smartphone sales in the United States. In fact, nearly 400 iPhones are sold nearly every minute! Varied and accessible, an Apple Watch or iPod could make a great stocking stuffer this year.

Not All Power Strip Surge Protectors Are Made Equal

This may come as a surprise: simply buying a surge protector isn’t enough to safeguard your electronics. While a weak one is better than nothing, you can still find yourself with fried hardware if you’re not careful. The number of joules listed on a surge protector shows the energy absorption rating. The higher, the better! It’s recommended you have a surge protector at 2500 joules or more, especially if you rely on your computer frequently.
Starting to beat back the mystery? Take your new knowledge on the difference between Ethernet crossover cable vs Ethernet cable and browse with confidence!

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