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What is a subdomain, you ask? Excellent question. In every web address there is a hierarchy. For example, “example.com” is a subdomain of the domain “.com”. Furthermore, “another.example.com” is a subdomain of “example.com”. And so on and so forth.

The good news for budding blogsters and enterprising entrepreneurs is that you can register any name you like as a subdomain of any of the major domains (assuming availability, of course). So Joe Schmo can register his shoe wax company at “schmowax.com”, set up his website, and start selling high quality, affordable shoe wax to the entire planet.

And today, free subdomain web hosting is making the process easier than ever. Anyone can have their own website. And nearly all the top web hosting companies offer easy web design templates and scripting help, so you can get started without needing a PhD in web design.

But in addition to free subdomain web hosting, there are many great options that provide incredibly low cost, high value web hosting, often for less than ten dollars a month. Sites like Web Hosting Hub, Host Gator, and Just Host offer affordable web hosting, great customer support (knowing that many of their clients will be newbies), and ridiculously easy setup and design options for bloggers, businesses, and organizations.

In fact, providing cheap or free subdomain web hosting is so convenient to consumers, many web hosting sites offer reseller web hosting packages, where you can purchase a certain amount of domains and sell them to people who want their own site, just like you did. Sound too technical? Worried you might have to buy servers and keep them in basement? No need to fret. As a reseller, you simply become an intermediary between your customers and the web hosting company. The web hoster provides the space, and you provide the clients.

The websites you visit are created and managed by people just like you. Setting up your own site is quick, easy, and affordable. So get out there and start Internetting!

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