Finding a Good Marketing Firm is Important; Bad Press Can Create a Stain for Your Company

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Why do you need a responsible internet marketing firm handling your company’s website marketing? In the quickly moving social media world we now live in, every company has an opportunity for good or bad press. Just as good press can help keep your company’s website strongly in the rankings for several months, bad press can create a stain on your marketing campaign that is hard to remove.

This past week, a bad marketing scheme in New Zealand showcased exactly why it is important to have a professional internet marketing firm on the case. Dan Herbinson, owner of a job advertising website, attempted to generate some “buzz” for his business by placing a fake coffin in the Hutt River. He then posed as a fisherman and contacted reporters.

The marketing campaign quickly took a nosedive when the scheme took on unintended consequences. Police were originally considering charging Herbison for their wasting time and resources on the stunt. The area was originally cordoned off. The coffin had a mannequin inside, which held a sign stating “If only I’d advertised for an electrician … I wouldn’t have tried to fix it myself.”

In addition to creating a headache for local authorities, the stunt likely did not help Herbison establish a positive local reputation for his business. Death is usually considered a touchy subject in New Zealand, and Herbison’s decision might make people question, as well, whether he makes sound decisions where his company is concerned. Many also considered the prank to be highly insensitive, given that the coffin was located close to where Brett Ramon Waiwai’s body was found several months ago.

Although it can often be tempting to go with the cheapest internet advertising agencies available, they won’t always deliver the longterm value that your company needs. A great company will help you with SEO, web design, online advertising, and email campaigns so that your potential audience is being targeted through a wide variety of methods.

Did you know that only 30% of companies will respond to customer feedback on social media, even though studies have shown that the majority of consumers expect a response within several hours? The secret to great online advertising isn’t cheap promotional stunts. A great online campaign involves extensive time, research and expertise on the part of online ad agencies in order to be effective.

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