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When former military candidates are released from the armed forces, one of the obvious things they need to address as soon as they can is employment. While in the service individuals train for the career of their choice, while also spending time training for combat. Career training enables them to work within the military at a trained position, while preparing them for civilian life.

There exist now any number of agencies formed specifically to assist former military candidates in finding work once they come home. Most of these agencies have been created, and are run by, former military personnel in corroboration with members of the corporate world who work at helping people to find jobs. The difference between these types of agencies and the typical employment agency is that these will focus on the training and experience soldiers received while in the service, and help them find work that corresponds with their military experience. These agencies work at matching returning vets with employers who can appreciate and utilize their military training and experience. The companies looking for new employees specifically sign with the agencies who find work for returning veterans because of their desire to give back to those who have served their country.

Some of the attributes that employers say veterans bring with them to their job is the discipline and determination to follow through, respect, and attention to detail that their military training has given them. Employers want to know that they can depend on the people they hire to complete whatever task they are given to the best of their ability. Several types of jobs where agencies have successfully placed returning vets are project management, technical service engineers, software developers, material handling, supply chain recruiter, and many more, too numerous to list. Veterans who drove trucks in the service are no longer required to take what is referred to as behind the wheel testing when applying for jobs in 34 different U.S. states.

There are also new agencies that have been created to assist wounded veterans in finding work upon their return home. There are former military candidates who fought overseas and sustained injuries that have required months of surgeries and rehabilitation. Many of these men and women are useful, capable, and determined to live their life providing for their families, and taking advantage of opportunities to move ahead. Veterans who have come home with post traumatic stress disorder, and those who have sustained traumatic brain injuries can also receive coaching and training as needed for jobs that fit their abilities. Wounded veterans receive assistance from job coaches who help them to set goals and write an effective resume, as well as providing help in preparing for interviews.

It was reported that in 2013 many companies hired at least 5.9% of their new employees with the help of agencies. That was said to be twice the number hired through that same source in 2012.

It is recommended to former military candidates to create, or update, their resume before beginning their job search upon their return home from the service. It is better to spend time polishing a resume than to just send it out to anyplace and everyplace in order to get it out there quickly. It is worth the time spent to improve its quality. It is more than likely that men and women returning home from several years receiving military training will have much to add to a resume that was written just out of high school. There are online companies now who will assist people in writing an effective resume. In addition, many of the agencies formed to help former military candidates to find employment also have their own staff available for the purpose of helping to create a winning resume. An important point to keep in mind also is that military personnel are conditioned to use military lingo when speaking about military experiences. When writing a resume, it is best to translate that language into layman’s terms! It will be very much appreciated by perspective employers.

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