Four Factors to Consider Before Placing a Bulk Network Cable Order

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Are you researching cat6 cable bulk prices? Cat6 cables are the way of the future. While cat5e cables have the capacity to transfer any data packets and speeds that our current technology can produce, cat6 ethernet cables are both backward compatible for any legacy technology, and can also keep up with any new technology mankind will be able to produce for the foreseeable future. By researching the best cat6 cable bulk prices, you may be able to find an economic solution that meets all of your network needs for several years.

Keep in mind though, even though the long-term savings of acquiring cat6 cables in bulk is worthwhile, cat6 cable bulk costs can be quite an investment; it’s important to find the right provider. Make sure to look for the following qualities in your search for the best cat6 cable bulk prices, before making a purchase:

  1. Look for lifetime warranties.

    When you’re buying cat6 cables in bulk, finding a provider who offers a lifetime warranty on your purchase is a smart idea. Obviously, it’s beneficial to have the insurance that if any of your cables stop working, they’ll be replaced. It’s also a good way to determine that the cables are good quality and probably won’t need to be replaced. Think about it: if a cable provider who made poor quality cables offered a lifetime warranty, they’d be giving away more product than they sold. They would inevitably and quickly go out of business. If a cable business is willing to offer a lifetime warranty, it’s a good indication that their product likely won’t need to be replaced often.

  2. You want good customer service.

    Setting up a network can be tricky. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you need while ordering the product to install your network. Sometimes, after you receive everything, you need direction while putting it all together. Sometimes, six months after you have it all up and running, you randomly need tech support. When placing a bulk order, you need to know that your tech support will be there when you need them, as soon as you need them.

    While researching bulk cable prices, look into the reputation the provider has for customer service. If you research online reviews, don’t let a single negative review discourage you; no one is going to please everyone. However, if a business has consistent poor reviews for customer service, you should keep looking.

  3. Look into the logistics.

    When placing a bulk cable order, you should consider the physical location of the distributor and their shipping practices. This impacts you in several ways. If you need a replacement cable in a pinch, using a provider with multiple distribution centers will get you the equipment you need faster, as it will be sent from the location nearest to you.

    Also, it’s a good disaster recovery practice. If your area is struck by a disaster, having essential equipment provided by a source with multiple locations will ensure that you would be able to get replacement parts from a site that was unaffected.

  4. Consider the business practices of the company.
    Making a large bulk cable purchase is likely not a small purchase. The business practices of the company you purchase them from really matter. If you are a regulated business (such as a utility or government department), you might be required to consider the type of ownership you make a purchase like this from. Even if you aren’t, using a company who employs fair labor practices (since much tech equipment is manufactured overseas, where there are not as many labor regulations) is good for the globe, and good for your business.

Purchasing network cables might seem like small potatoes in contrast to all of the other components you’ll have to choose between. However, your expensive network equipment will only work as good as the cables that connect them all together. Taking extra care to select the right provider is important for setting up a reliable and successful network. Considering the warranty, the customer service, the logistics, and the business practices of the cable provider is a good way to find the best provider for your future network.

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