Four Overlooked Safety Hazards Associated With Construction Services

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Commercial building construction

Construction services make up a large part of the industry in the United States. Around 10% percent of the market share makes the construction industry the second largest industry worldwide, with 7.8 million workers in the industry. With this large of an industry it only makes sense that there are some safety issues that may be overlooked by employers as well as employees. Here are the some of the most popular overlooked safety issues within the construction services industry.

Safety of Workers

One common safety concern many construction services neglects is proper training of their employees. An industrial construction company should ensure that all employees receive proper training, retraining and are watched throughout their first days on the job. There are many opportunities to train employees properly including during work time, on the weekends and in the evening. Proper training ensures fewer accidents, more productivity and quicker construction services.

Team Work

Teamwork may seem like preschool terms, but it’s vitally important for the type of work constructions services perform. Teamwork should be taught as a safety precaution for commercial building construction projects. Many workers don’t think twice about wandering off on their own to start or finish a project. The problem with this practice is many times they are out of eyesight and out of earshot of other workers. If a problem does arise, there is no one near to help out. Teaching about teamwork and ensuring your workers practice this is especially important for architectural construction services such as commercial buildings and agricultural steel buildings.

Preventing Falls

Employees who work around areas where falls are prevalent should have extensive fall protection training on a regular basis. Specific hazards should be identified and proper equipment to eliminate falls should be discussed. Regular tests should be given to employees with reviews of information that is not known. Check equipment that prevents falls on a regular basis and instruct employees on how to check equipment after each use. Annual inspections should be conducted of all equipment and these inspections should be documented and kept on file.

Safely Using Ladders

Ladders seem simple enough to use, but without proper inspection, they can become a dangerous tool. Instruct employees on proper inspection of equipment before they intend to use the equipment. Ensure that the top of the ladder is sturdy and provides adequate support. Inform employees of the dangers associated with incorrect use of ladders or faulty ladders. Make sure that all team members know and comply with the weight limit for the ladders they are using.

Welding Safety

Employees must be taught and understand the importance of wearing proper personal protection equipment, PPE, when welding. These PPEs help protect against welding injuries such as flash burns to eye. Many times those who weld become confident in their fields and believe that they are not prone to such injuries. Other times workers consider PPE to be warm and confining for them, leading them to take it off. Protecting workers eyes is a precaution that should not be taken lightly, therefore proper training is required, and proper consequences for not following the rules should be implemented.

Construction services make up a vast market of employees, and it can be hard and time consuming to ensure all safety precautions are followed. Hiring an individual to perform this training and keep up with the documentation can help tremendously. This gives an individual the sole duty of ensuring all employees are properly trained according to OSHA standards, and that these standards are met and followed through with on a consistent basis. Determine a course of action for those employees who consistently break the rules. Employees who choose not to follow safety practices are a hazard for the construction services company, themselves and their co-workers.

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