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If you’ve lost a crucial mid-or senior-level HR executive, finding the right replacement can be a lengthy, stressful, and unsatisfactory process. There may be pressure to find the right person quickly and the added workload may be greater with the vacancy. An HR executive search is a position that shouldn’t be rushed, however, as a bad hire can cost the company a significant amount of money and have negative implications for their reputation, business decisions, and other directions. This is where human resources executive search firms come into play. A human resources consultant or human resources executive recruiters can help you narrow down the playing field, zeroing in on the candidates that are the right match for your company. Don’t let an HR executive search turn into your worst nightmare with the help of an HR executive search firm.

Why the Turnover?
Gone are the days where employees spent their whole lives with a company and retired with a generous pension, thanks to their company loyalty. At the end of June 2015, almost three million workers voluntarily left their jobs — either in search of new ones or because of another job offer. That’s a 25% increase compared to June of 2013 — a mere two years ago!

Gallup reported in 2016 that millennials are the “job hopping generation” with six out of every 10 open to entertaining the idea of a new job at any given time. That’s a higher number than any other generation. The work culture is changing and young people are eager to advance quickly and seize the best opportunities afforded to them.

How Can We Work to Reduce Turnover In Jobs?

Using an experienced search firm is certainly one. A survey from Robert Half showed that out of 1,400 executives that were surveyed, almost 40% reported that the main factor in a failed hire was a bad match of skills. The second most common reason was chalked up to unclear performance objectives — and of course, performance issues. The idea with an executive search firm is to weed out those problems before the candidate is ever hired by the client, through a rigorous screening process.

Looking for gender and ethnically diverse candidates can also help. McKinsey’s research plainly shows that gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform companies that are not gender-diverse and ethnically diverse companies have a 35% chance of outperforming similar companies that lack that diversity.

Improving worker happiness through employee recognition programs, positive feedback or reinforcement, good vacation or benefit packages, and other company perks can also incentivize employees to stay.

How Can An HR Executive Search Firm Help My Business?

Many HR executive search firms are former HR practitioners and know the business inside out — both from the perspective of their clients and the candidates they’re bringing in to interview. They’ll provide expert guidance, advice, and assessments for both sides and bring the right people into the right jobs. It’s matchmaking, of a kind, and one that many search firms strive to make an enjoyable experience for both sides.

These firms source candidates using a variety of methods and will pre-screen the candidate before the client ever meets them, to make sure they’re appropriate. They facilitate meetings, interviews, and test periods between the client and candidate, and many assist with preparing offers and paperwork. Additionally, some firms will offer on-boarding programs and offer support even once the candidate has been hired, to ensure a smooth transition and success on both sides. They can devote a significant of time and energy to making every match a success, which is a win-win for your business!

Get the results you want fast without sacrificing the quality. With an executive search firm, you’re sure to have a wealth of excellent candidates to choose from and find someone who will be the perfect fit to drive your company forward.

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