HDMI Or CAT Cables? Learning Your Terminology So You Can Enjoy Today’s Most Effective Technology

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Cables, wires, connections…it’s a lot to keep up with when you just want to install the thing.

The good news is? You don’t need to be an expert in electronics to get the most out of your purchase! When you’re buying a new game console or upgrading your home office, learning the definitions of your different cables is pretty much all you need to know. This will make sure you’re getting the highest quality audio and video, the fastest Internet, and a clean set-up. Christmas season is over with, but the rest of the year is still ripe for thoughtful office gifts and birthday presents alike.

Figure out which quality cell phone accessories and bulk CAT6 cables you’ll be buying with the handy guide below.

Need Faster Internet? CAT Cables Are Your Go-To

Fast Internet is a modern staple. Anything that takes but a second longer is seen as obsolete and frustrating to deal with. There were nearly four billion Internet users around the world by the time March of 2017 rolled around — this has since bumped up the expectations around good Internet speeds, that of which you can get with CAT cables. The CAT5 is a little old, but still useful if you don’t use your computer for anything more complicated than checking e-mail. For those that want more, look up the CAT5e or bulk CAT6 cables.

Tired Of Your Phone Dying? It’s Time For A New Charger Cable

This is one of the most common signs you need to do something. Phones these days don’t last as long as they should, but a battery that keeps dying needs to be addressed soon. You could be wasting a lot of time and money otherwise. It’s recommended by most tech professionals today not to wait until your phone is at a near 0% battery charge before recharging — reach for your cell phone charging cable once it hits 40% or so. If you’re still not getting as much of a charge, consider switching to a new one that’s compatible with your device.

Thinking Of Better Audio Video Quality? Snag An HDMI Cable

The only thing more expected than fast Internet is crisp audio and video quality. This is vital whether you edit videos at home or work on presentations for a college class. Alongside your bulk CAT6 cables you should look into new HDMI highspeed cables. The HDMI 2.0 hardware, for starters, supports bandwidth up to 18Gb per second (or higher). By the time 2016 arrived there were over three and a half billion global Internet users, which is nearly half of the worldwide population.

Worried About Your Equipment? You’ll Need A Surge Protector

Let’s say you already have your bulk CAT6 cables and you’ve switched your HDMI cables. What happens when a storm hits and your power shuts off? The best case scenario is you lose the data of whatever it is you’re using…and the worst case scenario is your computer is irreparably damaged. Get yourself a surge protector that’s designed to filter electricity and keep it from destroying your hard-earned money. The number of joules listed for a surge protector will represent the energy absorption rating, with 2,500 a good standard to start with.

Still Want More? Invest In A High Quality Fiber Optic Cable

For those that want the very best in performance, the fiber optic cable is your best bet. The very first fiber optic cable in history was used to connected the United States to France and Britain back in the 1980’s. Since then many more have been installed to make sure the world is running smoothly on all fronts. Fiber optics are widely considered to be a higher quality thanks to their lightning fast response and careful design (made out of glass). They could be just the boost you or the person you’re gifting is looking for.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Grab yourself the newest USB cables and bulk CAT6 cables next time you’re out and enjoy the quality you get in return.

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