How Can I Prevent Burglaries In My Home?

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Surveillance systems

Are you concerned for your home’s security? You’re far from alone. Home safety is a hot button issue in the United States for many homeowners and renters alike, with many fearing the loss of their belongings or the compromising of their family’s safety when they’re sleeping or at work. It’s frustrating to have thousands of dollars of belongings potentially compromised because of something as simple as a mediocre window frame or a forgetful day. Thankfully, home security systems have only gotten more advanced in recent years — from around-the-clock surveillance systems to commercial security, you’ll find no shortage of options to keep you and yours safe from harm all days of the year.

Did You Know?

If you’re wondering just how the country is faring, look no further than the next few statistics. Over two million home intrusions are reported every year in the United States alone, which is nothing to say of similar crimes such as carjacking and vandalism. The year 2013 saw an estimated $16 billion in property crime losses around the country. One of the most common factors involved in these are a lack of installed home security systems as well as a general lack of awareness concerning safety protocols and burglary trends.

Burglary Trends

Staying on top of common petty crimes is essential to preparing yourself for what’s to come. For starters, the majority of burglaries don’t actually take place at night! Studies and statistics have shown most of them occurring between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Around 30% of burglars will enter through an unlocked door or window, with the front door being one of the most popular locations — this is often due to deter potential witnesses from noticing suspicious activity, despite mainstream media popularizing intruders entering from the back or through the chimney.

Safe Habits

There are good habits you can instill in yourself as well as your family to reduce the possibility of a burglary. If you need to leave the house for a period of time but have a family member or friend who needs to enter, don’t put your key somewhere obvious like under the mat. Try to put it at least 20 or 30 feet away from the home and well out of sight, as the closer it is to your residence the more likely someone will try to dig around for it. If you have weak doorframes or windowframes then you’ll want to find a better installation that’s harder to break.


A useful back-up plan if worse comes to worse is to have a form of insurance you can count on. Some insurance providers, for example, will offer discounts as high as 20% off when a home security system is installed. Homes without security or alarm systems, after all, are up to 300% more likely to be broken into, making video surveillance systems helpful for everyone in the long run. The last step to ensuring home security is installing security systems.

Installing Home Security Systems

It’s estimated 12 million home automation systems will be installed by the end of 2016, making that 12 million homes that are significantly safer from burglaries and property damage. Deterring crime is just as much about preventative measures as it is action — did you know nine out of 10 burglars avoid homes with alarm systems and even stated that an encounter with home security systems would keep them from breaking in? Even a basic video surveillance can maintain your home’s safety while providing evidence should a break-in occur. Contact your local security system installation company and see how they can make your home safer, quite literally, overnight.

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