How Small Business Web Design Can Yield Big Results

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Remember the good ol’ days of the internet (if there ever was such a thing). In 1994, Microsoft launched its first website, chock full of randomly misplaced graphics, lack of typographic hierarchy, and a rather peculiar, starry background which took attention away from the links. All in all, it was a hot mess. Add dial speed internet, and it’s almost not even fun to think about.

The internet has come long way in a rather short period of time. However, one factor is still abundantly clear, effective web design templates will never go out of style. In fact, professional web design is a down right necessity, especially for small businesses.

It’s important for small businesses to make their mark in digital and tangible world. Branding is everything. Gone are the days when potential customers would rifle through the yellow pages of their local phone book in order to find a plumber. Consumers are more informed now, and use the web to receive that information.

This makes small business web design that much more important. No offense to the internet, but it’s full of well…junk. There’s a lot going on and consumers are constantly being bombarded by ads, content, and adorable cat videos. It’s easy for information overload to happen.

Small business web design allows consumers to get a glimpse into your brand. Mom was right when she said you only get once chance to make a great first impression. How many times have you visited a company’s website in search of basic information, such as hours of operation, only to become frustrated because it wasn’t available? And just like that, a business has just lost a potential customer.

Though content marketing strategies are the new rage (and rightfully so), let’s not forget about the basic, fundamental principles of creative web design.

An awesome company website is like a selfie for your brand. Information needs to be structured correctly and in a way that’s engaging yet intuitive. Graphics need to be dynamic in order to capture the consumer’s attention. The content needs to be relevant to the consumers. Combine all those factors, and you got yourself the best web design ever.

So if you’re still hemming and hawing about hiring a professional web designer, don’t. Sometimes it best to go back to basics. It’s time to discover how small business web design can take your brand to the next level. For more about this, go here.

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