How to Create a Consistent Brand Image For Your Company

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Creating a company brand has traditionally involved finding creative answers to a number of question, such as how to design a good logo to represent your business, or how to create a good web page design. However, due to the influence of the internet and social media on consumer’s shopping habits, the focus has shifted; logo and website design are now secondary to online reputation management and online social media marketing. For this reason, in order for a company to successfully brand themselves in the 21st century, it is recommended that they learn how to become a social media specialist or hire social media marketing consultants to create a specialized strategy.

While social media comes in a variety of forms, its worth is consistently being proven. For example, there are a reported 85 million Facebook users who are active every month; by connecting with this wide audience, as many as 77% of B2C companies say that they have gained customers by using social media marketing management to connect with Facebook users on the site. But the best social media marketing consultants understand and react to the way customers act and use social media; otherwise, they can easily backfire.

As many as 88.1% of American internet users browsed or researched products online in 2012. Accordingly, the best way to brand a company in the modern age is to produce content for their potential consumers. This process, called “content marketing” can involve producing blogs, articles, press releases, case studies, how-to instructions, news and events. It can also include SEO, or “search engine optimization”, a process in which a company drives traffic to their website through natural or unpaid search engine results. While many companies think of search engine rank optimization and content marketing as separate initiatives, they work well together by creating a strong online web presence for customers to analyze.

However, content and SEO marketing are nothing without a strong social media strategy to supplement them. The former provide the customer with data that should encourage them to consider selecting a specific company, but social media provides the public face that the customer will interact with. Currently, over half of tweets sent from customers to companies are ignored; an adept company will strive to create a responsive presence, usually by hiring specific social media marketing consultants and social media marketing specialists. By combining a great social media account with SEO and content marketing, it is possible to create an optimized content marketing strategy, resulting in a strong, consistent brand for your company. To see more, read this.

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