How to Get Rankings in Your Local Area From Website Design to Social Media Marketing Videos

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When people search the Internet for products and services, some may prefer to use their desk or laptop computer. If they have a mobile phone, however, approximately 50% will use it as their main access point to the Internet. In order to drive customers to their websites, businesses need to have effective marketing strategies and provide a positive customer experience. When businesses also have brick-and-mortar establishments, these practices can potentially enhance their local presence and customer base.

Website Design Makes a Difference

Website design makes a significant difference for a large percentage of visitors. A recent survey revealed that 94% of the participants indicated that a website’s design actually caused them to mistrust or otherwise reject a site. Furthermore, 48% of the participants stated that a website’s design was the leading reason for them to decide whether or not a business was credible.

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

When websites have unique and relevant content, it can make an impact on customer views and sales. According to 72% of worldwide marketers, the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactic is to provide relevant content. Recent research estimates indicate that revenue can increase by about 40% due to effective content marketing.

In order to accomplish this task, SEO can assist with placing a business on the first page of results. When it comes to being in the top three search results, however, Business 2 Community stated that this is where 60% of all organic clicks will lead. Whether or not someone will click on those links and spend a significant amount of time at those sites will usually depend on the level of content being provided.

The Benefit of Consumer Reviews

Many consumers will read reviews prior to visiting a local business. According to a 2015 issue of Search Engine Journal, 88% read reviews in order to determine the quality of local businesses. Furthermore, 72% of these consumers indicated that they trusted a local business when they read positive reviews. Some consumers, however, may still choose to visit a local business and make their own judgement as to its quality.

Connecting With Social Media

Facebook and LinkedIn are both important social media platforms that receive a considerable amount of traffic. The Social Media Marketing Industry Report indicated that almost 66% of marketers consider Facebook to be the most important platform. LinkedIn

is utilized by 94% of B2B marketers as an integral aspect of their content marketing strategy.

A large percentage of customers appreciate being able to interact with businesses on social media. For example, a SalesForce Marketing Cloud report stated that 83% of customers either “love” or “like” it when they receive a response from a business.

The Effectiveness of Marketing Videos

Marketing videos make an impact on purchase decisions for many consumers. After watching one of these on Facebook in the previous month, Animoto’s The State of Social Video 2017 report revealed that 64% of the participants stated that this influenced them to make a purchase. The study also found that 47% of marketers published four or more videos every month, and 81% optimized these for mobile devices.

How to Get Rankings in Your Local Area

Whether you’ve been in business for a while or are launching a new one, how to get rankings in your local area is likely one of your top goals. Since you want to know how to get rankings in your local area, it makes good business sense to consult with a professional marketing agency. These experienced professionals can discuss how to get rankings in your local area by increasing your presence with a variety of proven strategies. In addition to providing search engine optimization through unique, relevant content and other Internet marketing strategies, they can also ensure that your website design is attractive, effective, and scrolls well on mobile devices. Once you schedule a consultation, you will be well on your way toward attaining your marketing goals.

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