How to hide unsightly cords around your home

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We live in a world full of cords, cables, wires, and plug in everything everywhere. This technical world has been evolving and continues to add more plug in options for everyday items. Maintaining a home with plug ins all over the place can lead to cords and cables running all over your home. How do we keep things plugged in all around us without having cords everywhere? Here are a few simple tips.

When designing the layout to your home it is always a good idea to leave adequate space between the floor boards and walls to let cords and cables run through. You may need to have a 500 ft ethernet cable to plug in your modem from your wall to your electronics. A great way to hide these cords in your home is to install cord covers made out of a bendable plastic. You simply lay the cord against the wall and measure the length of cord cover that you will need to place over the cord. Afterwards you simply cover the cord against the baseboards using cable ties and anchors. The cords will be hidden and look fantastic no matter where you have them connected.

USB cables have become one of the most versatile cables on the market. They are used for many small gadgets, music players, GPS systems and much more. USB cables can be very unsightly when dangling all around your office, counter tops, and computer tables. There are a number of different ways to hide these cords from using cable ties, anchors to special made storage containers that are actually called charging docks. These charging docks feed the USB cords through the unit and have the corresponding plug in ends sticking out so they can be used for charging without any fumbling with tangled cords. They fit all types of cords from usb 2.0 device cable, usb 3 cable, usb 3.0 cables, usb 3.0 extension cables and much more. You could even hide a 500 ft ethernet cable within a decent dock created for cords around the home.

Televisions now have many different types of cables and cords that need to be installed to get the best picture possible. Most of the newer TV’s have what is called an HDMI cable and there is a vast variety of cords you can buy depending on what you are looking to spend and how much speed you require. The HDMI 2.0 cord supports bandwidth speeds up to 18Gb per second. These cords are quite heavy duty and large making them an unsightly cord to have hanging from behind your television. If you choose to put your TV up on a wall mount you can simply cut a hole in the wall from where the cord goes into the TV all the way to where it plugs in to the wall. You would then plaster the wall, sand it down, and repaint it to match the current color of the wall. Cords gone and you have a great looking TV viewing area.

No matter what type of cords your using or how big they are they can all be hidden to look great within your home. Even a 500 ft ethernet cable can be turned into a hidden gem to create the best look.

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