Is Your Company Looking for Database Management Services?

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Database administration services

The research is helpful. So helpful, in fact, you are not sure how you managed to do your job before you had this detailed information. The process of gathering this information, however, is complicated. And for these reasons you have contracted with database administration services professionals to help maintain the information that you find so valuable.
A number of server consulting services (SQL) are available to serve as database administration services, so it is important to SQL database designers and SQL database administrators to understand what your contract will provide. Left to their own database management and storage solutions, many companies simply do not so achieve all that they should. In fact, only 38% of small businesses regularly upgrade their software solutions. This means that they are left vulnerable in the event of a major problem. From lost data to information that is difficult, or nearly impossible, to access, untended software and data can bring a company to a complete halt.
In a time when much of what we do is based on digital data, nearly all companies, both profit and not for profit, rely on the having constant access to their resources. From banks to churches and from large school districts to city transportation systems, having 24/7 access to the digital data that allows for day to day and long term tasks.
Of equal importance, SQL database security is also essential. When you make the decision to meet with SQL consulting companies you likely have many security issues in mind. From protecting customer financial information to making sure that medical records are both safe and secure, the database security platform is a growing field.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the database management industry:

  • 4,000 ransomware attacks occurred every day between January and June of 2016, according to the FBI.
  • 38% of global organizations claimed they were prepared to handle a cyberattack, according to the 2015 Global Cybersecurity Status Report. This means, however, that 60% are not.
  • 48% of businesses cited a negligent employee or contractor as the root cause of a data breach, according to a recent Small Business Trends survey.
  • 26% of businesses have experienced a server consulting injection attack in the past 12 months, according to a the same Small Business Trends survey.
  • 60% of all cyber attacks on businesses are carried about by people within the business, according to the 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index.

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