Keeping PCB Costs Down Without Compromising Quality

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Turnkey pcb

You have a company that requires printed circuit board assemblies (PCB assemblies) and you are very well aware of the fact that the manufacturing process for these PCBs has become quite expensive. At the same time, you are also aware of the many problems that can arise if you skimp on the quality of the components in order to simply save a little bit of money. This idea rarely turns out well.

The success of the overall project can be put in jeopardy if you opt to go a cheaper route, but you might not be aware of ways to keep the costs down to a manageable degree in the PCB fabrication process. Using MyData machines for your PCB fabrication process cuts down on the time spent in the manufacturing and fabricating process without compromising on quality.

Because of the advent of machine-assembly for any size orders in the PCB fabrication process, shops can now assemble printed circuit boards in a fraction of the time it used to take for hand placement assembly. As it stands now, PCBs can have a standard turn around time of five days or less. This is 75% faster than the industry average.

This type of workstation allows for the manual assembly work that needs to be done to be carried out in-line. Every side and section of the conveyor have their own motor and belt. This provides a much smoother and more reliable transportation of printed circuit boards.

At the same time, this single automatic line places more components and is able to solder them than 50 hand solder operators. The automatic line consistently returns a better quality product as well as being altogether faster. Without consideration of design or the quality of components and printed boards, 70% of all quality issues of surface assembly are caused by printing technique.

Circuit board assembly services and turnkey PCB assembly processors provide seamless continuity and consistent quality at every step of the process. This is how you know you are dealing with the right company.

When you are looking for the right company for your PCB fabrication process, you will find in that company one that has the capability to give you the convenience of a one-stop solution to your PCB fabrication and assembly needs.

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