Looking for a New TV? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Find the Right One

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Television has certainly come a long way. from three channels, black and white and bulky to hundreds or thousands of channels, color and flat or curved screens, the technology certainly has changed. The programming, too has made great strides. Not that “I Live Lucy” and “The Honeymooners” were not amazing, they were but we have so much more diversity in our programming. Actors used to start on the “small screen” and more to the “silver screen” and it was considered to be a promotion. Now actors are returning to television because of the quality of the writing, the diversity in the roles they can get. From Netflix, with its 70 million subscribers to Hulu with its four million and then the spectacular things that are happening on HBO and Showtime. Television has changed a lot. It has even given rise to home theater installation companies.

These would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Going to the movies out was just a superior experience but now with the advent of the new TVs and the home theatre designs, you can have a very movie theatre like experience in the luxury of your home. Home theater seating can mimic what you get at the movies and you do not have to worry about parking or that annoying couple that will just not shut up. And turn your phones off already! At home you can eat and drink what you want and have a great time. New home theater designs really can make the home TV watching experience awesome when you just do not want to go out.

Here are some tips to help you find the right TV:

Where will you put your TV? Are you going to mount it on the wall or have in an entertainment center. Wall mounted televisions can be bigger. Your home theater installation company may have an opinion about this but wall mounted TVs have bigger screens a lot of the time. They can also be a better idea if the room you putting it in is smaller room where you may not have as much space for the entertainment center and it gives the chance to get to the optimal viewing distance. Again, the home theater installation company can help you decide this.

What size? Most Americans are all about bigger, bigger, bigger but that may not work for the room we are putting the TV in. First you need to determine your viewing distance. Scientists have actually worked hard at determining how far away people should sit from their television sets. There is a science to it. We may like, the same way we did when we were children, to sit as close to the screen as we can but that is actually a mistake. For some TVs, being too close will give us a worse viewing experience than if we sit a little farther back. There is actually a mathematical equation that has been worked out to determine this. You take the size of the TV, which is measured on the vertical, multiple that by 1.5 or 2.5 and you get the distance from that TV. So, if you are getting a 52′ HTDTV, the math worked out to 1.5 x 52 =78=6.5 feet. Depending on the size of your room, that may or may not work. You could also determine how far away you want to be. So if you were going to be four feet away, you 4×12=48/1.5=32 inches. Voila! You used math to pick the size of your TV.

What walls are in the room? This can have an impact on the way people perceive the television. This has more to do with how crowded people feel watching the TV. Rooms with four walls can easily become crowded by a larger TV. A 52 inch set may just be too much for that room, unless it is a decent sized rooms. Rooms with fewer walls can handle a much bigger set. That 52 inch set would definitely not overwhelm a room that has only three walls. Your home theater installation service can help you decide what TV works.


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