New Brand Marketing Strategies

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Social media

As the internet and social media sites grow, brand marketing is becoming even more important than ever. Almost half of online consumers use social media in some capacity, making it an excellent online marketing tool. Visual brand expressions are also important on certain specific social media sites where people share pictures of things they like, such as Pinterest or Instagram. In addition to social media sharing and direct marketing over social media, traditional searches through Google and other search engines is the main driver of sales. Email generates repeat business afterwards, rather than first time business.

Despite its advantages, internet brand marketing, especially through SEO, can be challenging without help from an expert in the field. Only about 11 percent of marketers who handle SEO internally are satisfied with their work, compared with 21 percent of those marketers who work with specialists. However, SEO is worth doing. Over half of companies with an internet presence report acquiring customers through company blogs, which is a great way to take advantage of SEO techniques. Internet business consulting and marketing groups can help you generate SEO content and custom website designs that work best with how the modern internet operates as a marketing tool. Additionally, working with a logo designer can help give your business the visual brand marketing it needs to succeed on the internet.

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