Should Your Company Invest in Leak Testing Services?

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Helium leak test procedure

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a leak of 1 kilogram of refrigerant solution can cause as much damage to the environment as driving a van 10,000 miles. For this reason, it is important that companies in a number of different industries, including automotive and refrigeration manufacturing, institute leak testing standards to guarantee that their products are environmentally friendly, not to mention safe for their customers. Could your business benefit from leak testing equipment?

Most leak testing methods work by measuring leak flow, or the amount of gas or fluid flowing from a container. While leak flow most commonly describes the leakage of viscous gas or liquid from some sort of pipe or tubing system, leak flow can also describe slip and molecular flow, depending on the product being tested. The most common forms of leak detection equipment are helium leak testing, air leak testing and pressure decay leak testing. However, due to a shortage of helium and a resulting increase in price, helium leak test equipment is falling out of favor with many business owners, who prefer the more cost-effective options of air and pressure decay leak testing systems.

There are a number of reasons why manufacturers and other companies should invest in leak testing equipment. While environmentally-friendly initiatives are currently popular with many customers, leak testing can also ensure that the product is working properly for the benefit of the user by maintaining system efficiency and energy usage. This not only makes a customer more likely to buy a product, but also creates a positive reputation for the manufacturer. Leak testing also allows companies to certify that their products are safe and functional, creating a standard of quality that can be beneficial in many business transactions. For this reason, if you work in one of the many industries that uses leak testing services, you have no excuse not to test your products: contact a leak testing specialist today to determine the best leak testing system for your product. Get more info here.

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