The 3 Biggest IT Managed Services Trends of 2015

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Computers are all around us — and chances are, your business likely depends on computers and computer servers in order to operate at an optimal level.

And whether your business has already invested in the help of managed services providers or it’s still on the fence about outsourcing its IT services, it’s hard to deny the benefits that managed services can offer. This is especially true when one considers the many ways in which managed services providers are evolving over time.

Just how is the IT managed services industry continuing to evolve throughout 2015? Here’s a look at three of the biggest trends in IT managed services for 2015 — so far:

The growth of automation

Over the first half of 2015, automation — or computer-led processes that perform system tasks automatically — has begun to be one of the biggest things happening in managed services. With robotic automation platforms, IT managed services companies can cut down on costs and boost efficiency significantly, making it more affordable for businesses to keep their computers in check.

Increased storage options

Additionally, managed services agencies have been expanding the number of storage options available to their customers in a big way this year. Whether it’s a direct-attached storage setup or a private cloud scheme, the possibilities for storing data and information are only growing wider.

Expansion of portals

Lastly, managed services firms are expanding the presence of IT portals designed to display metrics, analytics and virtually any other data you can imagine about a customer’s computer systems. This can allow for the delivery of multiple services from one centralized location, and is another boost for managed services’ efficiency.

Do you agree with this list? Why or why not? Have any other questions about managed IT support services like unified communications and network security management? Let us know in the comments below.

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