The Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies of 2021

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This YouTube video is about the best 5 affiliate linked server hosting services. The top 5 companies are:
* Apex is the number one choice. This is because it has good pricing and serves 18 locations worldwide.

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These locations include 6 locations in North America, 5 in Europe, 2 in Asia, 2 in the Middle East (which is a remarkable accomplishment) 1 in Australia, and 1 in Asia. In addition to all the servers Apex provides their customers, they also have the best customer support team. They have an EX package that prevents their CPU from dragging down.

* Hostinger- your Minecraft Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be set up in a matter of seconds. The pricing is affordable with plans offering 2 GB to 8 GB of memory.

* Shockbyte- with game support that is specialized; yet, not catering exclusively to Minecraft players. Shoockbyte is host to other servers, like Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved, Arma 3, and Hytale. Rentals are affordable and include a support team encompassing 3 continents, round the clock.

* Bisect Hosting- this server has been praised because of it being a dedicated Minecraft serve with the lowest possible hosting fees.

* ScalaCube- this is a server offering 768 MB RAM and up to 10 player support. ScalaCube gives the promise of an affordably reliable Minecraft server host experience.

All of the above top five server companies are affiliates of our company. Although we do receive a small commission for you signing up with them, we recommend them because they are the best.

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