The Hidden Benefits of Twitter

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By 2014, Twitter is expected to make a total of $540 million in advertising, which is to be expected when you consider at least 65 percent of adult internet users use Twitter or at least one other similar social networking site. Twitter and social media in general is big business, with 20 percent of businesses saying that they have been able to close leads via Twitter. Clearly, any business regardless of its market, size or scope ignores Twitter and other forms of social media at their own peril.

Ongoing blogging has the advantage of showing potential customers that the business is highly active, while also boosting interaction. This can result in even a small, local business creeping up higher in the results from the algorithms from popular search engines. Cincinnati seo services offer one way businesses can stay competitive on Twitter and the extended blog and social media universe. Cincinnati search engine optimization offers local businesses a chance to connect with Cincinnati residents, and get their message across to the people most likely to be interested in their products. Cincinnati SEO services, Denver SEO services and Portland seo services can help a business define its focus to a particular area. Cincinnati web design and a web designer Cincinnati residents can relate to can greatly assist a business in reaching a targeted market.

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