The Importance of Having a High Quality Website for Your Business

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Too many businesses have horrible websites nowadays. This isn’t the 1990s anywhere when it was acceptable — almost a right of passage — to have a disgusting website layout. Now, even if your product or service that you offer is the best of its kind, if your online marketing presence and website is not up to today’s standards, you’re going to fall downhill… fast.

Luckily there are some things you can do to greatly improve your online presence. If you’re not working with a professional custom design and branding company, you might want to get on that, so you can compete with the millions of other online companies probably offering the same thing as you.

If you have a website, for instance, and it doesn’t load in, say, 10 seconds, that’s the 2016 equivalent of punching a customer in the face that walks into your 1970’s store. Only 10 seconds and your would-be customer is going to leave, most likely forever, and will take their business elsewhere. Even worse, they will not only not be spending money with you, but with social media and the ease of getting information online today, they will likely share their bad experience with their entire online network, potentially causing even more Internet users to decide to not do business with your company.

All that for only a 10-second load time. Wow.

So you might want to make sure your web design services focus on speed a little, too, but the layout is just as important.

The best website designs, contrary to popular belief and every website from the 90’s, are only two or three colors, contain a lot of white space, and are very simple.

People aren’t visiting individual websites because of how different they are from one another, they are looking to spend money and want to do so in the least possible stressful way. If they find a website that is simple, easy to navigate, and well organized, they are probably going to love it.

Conversely, if a user stumbles upon a website that is blotchy with 10 different colors and every item they have sold, are selling, and plan on selling in the future scattered across the page, people are going to get uncomfortable looking at that, and leave.

Professional custom design and branding experts can assist your company to make sure not only your website is working quickly, and looking great, but that it actually reflects the brand of your entire company. Whether you want to customize your website’s color scheme on a particular page, starting from scratch, or trying to rebuild your company’s image, professional custom design and branding services can help improve your business.

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