The Importance of Having a Mobile Friendly Website

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If you own a small business and you’ve been trying to figure out how you can optimize your digital marketing strategies without spending too much money, there’s one small detail that the best digital marketing campaigns all have, and which could be one of the best investments you’ve made for your company: paying attention to the mobile web design of your business’ website, and allowing a professional web design company to make your website as mobile-friendly as possible.

Just a few years ago, it was enough for businesses to have websites that were easily accessible on desktop computers and laptops; these days, ignoring a mobile web design won’t just keep your company from becoming more successful — it could actually hurt your company more than you’ve realized.

Don’t believe us?

  • 74% of search engine users say that they’d be more willing to revisit a website if the page has been designed in a mobile-friendly layout. Obviously someone accessing a website on a laptop won’t know if the site is really mobile-friendly, but considering that the most recent data shows about 56% of Americans own a smartphone, it’s easy to see that more people are choosing to go online on mobile devices.
  • If you’re wondering what exactly a good mobile web design entails, it’s actually pretty simple. About 69% of search engine users say that they want mobile web page designs to have bigger buttons; being able to find essential contact information in two clicks or less, and being able to scroll up and down without needing to scroll left and right to see the entire page are also at the top of the list.

Of course, if you don’t have web page design experience, then even the smallest changes can seem extremely confusing — but that’s exactly why other small businesses provide web design services for small businesses like yours.
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