Tips For Keeping Your Lab or Clinic Clean

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Centrifuge tube rack

All over the world benchmark products are used in manufacturing plants, research laboratories, colleges and universities, government and military, hospitals, clinics, and doctor offices. For years benchmark products have remained the top choice for high-quality sterile supplies and solutions in every major clean-room and critical manufacturing environment in the nation. There are three variables that dictate the level of efficiency in a laboratory: the people working in the lab, the processes they follow, and the equipment they have and how they use it. We specialize in providing the best laboratory cleaning products for improving laboratory results and products for improving laboratory safety.

Regardless of the types of scientific tests and experiments you perform in the facility int imperative that the atmosphere is kept clean at all times. Benchmark offers the best in laboratory equipment products that will get the job done properly and efficiently. Let’s take a look at some of the way you can use benchmark products to keep you laboratory of clinical areas clean and scientific tools clean and contamination free.

Keeping a laboratory and scientific lab supplies free form any kind of contamination will require the cooperation of everyone on the team. It?s recommended that you create a schedule that all members of the lab or office can follow. This is a great way of making sure that everyone is doing their part to maintain a clean and spotless environment. As you organize the process keep track of the the condition of the laboratory and the equipment. Everything from the syringe pumps to the hotplate-stirrers must be checked just in case.

Make sure you clean and organize the shelves properly. Take everything off the shelves and organize or reorganize them to suit your needs after your done cleaning it. Benchmark products offers several products that will help clean the shelves and get rid of any dust or powder remnants that may have built up over time.

Last but not least, laboratory equipment suppliers like benchmark products insist that refrigerators and freezers containing lab supplies for experiment s and testing are aired out occasionally during the cleaning process. As time passes tubes carrying old samples that are no longer used can cause contamination issues. It’s important that these old tubes and samples are disposed of but often time the cleaning and airing out of freezers and refrigerators are neglected or disregarded completely. Take the necessary time to clean out and air the refrigerators and freezers before stocking them back with any more scientific lab supplies or samples.

Keep the schedule handy to stay up to date with the standards or a clean and contaminant free laboratory or clinical environment. Never for once think that keep the laboratory clean is not an important task. At benchmark products we know a thing or two about sterilization and hopefully these helpful tips will get you started with ease.

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