Two Major Components of Network Protocols

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What is ssl?

Data delivery methods are an essential part of online transactions for any business. From sending an email and building a website to sharing documents on a cloud, data delivery services provides the oil needed by businesses to exchange digital information. There are a number of data delivery methods and data loss prevention solutions to choose from, each of them having a specific role to play. The process of exchanging information online is very complicated. To better understand what goes on every time you send an email or share a document, here are two major aspects of secure file transfer services explained in greater detail:

  1. Network Protocol: Network protocol is the term used to describe the system in which files are exchanged. The standard protocol, file transfer protocol (FTP), enables various clients to exchange information through a server, or “host.” FTP uses different controls for sending data to and from to enhance security and usability. Another network protocol, secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), uses a different set-up from FTP. Under SFTP, data is streamed through a private and secure data stream. SFTP is also a popular method of networking.
  2. Encryption: Encryption is used by many network protocols to safeguard sensitive information. Encryption is the process of transforming readable data, known as “plaintext,” into illegible data, known as “ciphertext.” The process is done (and then reversed) in order to protect private information against potential hackers or malware. There are two main types of encryption: symmetric encryption (known as “private key”) and asymmetric encryption (known as “public key”).

No matter what data delivery method is used, the results are always the same. Without data delivery services, many services we take for granted (email being a huge one) would be incredibly difficult to access. Businesses should especially be mindful of these services and the security measures they have in place. Once that is done, businesses can have peace of mind that their data can safely be used and shared with ease.

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